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European Journal of Economic and Social Systems
From 2003, the European Journal of Economic and Social Systems will have a new publisher : Hermes-Lavoisier.

The publisher change will not lead to any changes in editorial responsibilities or policy.

The conviction of the new 2000 editorial board of the EJESS was that we need more specialized journals. As a result, the span of disciplines have been narrower and the journal was devoted to social systems, mainly economics, management and organizational systems.

The domain of the EJESS is not restricted to modelling or methodological approaches of dynamic evolving process in economic and social systems. The authors have to identify the main real changes and suggest the critical parameters from empirical studies. They must highlight the directions and the importance of current changes. They would study the processes of innovation, the nature and role of new technologies, social dilemma in an evolving society, the mechanisms of change, and the management of private and public organizations in a rapidly changing context.

In short, EJESS must pay attention to the new economy, from a critical as well as from a positive point of view.

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